Xbox One Elite Series 2 prices: get the best and cheapest deals going

Xbox One Elite Series 2: get the best price and cheapest deals going
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Even in early 2021, the best Xbox One Elite Series 2 price is of great interest and attraction to Xbox gamers and PC gamers globally. It's cemented its position as the top games pad going right now, and getting a top price for the controller is the best way to get the most value and best bang for your buck - while also upping your game, and ability and flexibility in-game.

And given its attraction and downright quality, finding the best Xbox One Elite Series 2 prices and deals going in order to snag this controller for a bargain is the most sensible option. Such is its premium nature, and everything that it offers, smaller chunks offered off its price tag should not be laughed off and often represent the best Xbox One Elite Series 2 deals going currently trio. Whatever your approach and whatever the state of play is, below you'll find links to the very best Xbox One Elite Series 2 prices, deals, and offers that are currently available no matter where you are.

Xbox One Elite Series 2 prices

As you'd expect from a high-end controller with a high-end price tag, it offers a ton of perks you won't get anywhere else. In fact, Microsoft claims that it's "the world's most advanced controller." Yes, this may be a stretch. But with re-engineered hardware that offers yet more customization, and featuring more toys, bells and whistles, and gadgets than Batman's utility belt, there's cause for hype.

And that hype manifests itself in very particular, and awesome technical features. For example, you can now adjust the tension on the thumbsticks for greater control, the hair-trigger locks have been shortened (allowing you to fire faster in games such as Gears 5), native Bluetooth support is included, there are three custom profiles to choose from, and new wrap-around rubber grips make an appearance as well. Even the triggers have been tuned up thanks to a grippier surface that looks like carbon fiber. And let's not forget about returning features like the six thumbsticks you can choose from, either. When you add in Elite Series 2's multi-directional d-pads and back paddles to eliminate finger travel time, it becomes a handset bristling with options. Like a Swiss Army Knife, but for controllers.

Why should you get an Xbox One Elite Series 2?

As with its predecessor, the Xbox One Elite Series 2 is built as a pro controller first and foremost. This is designed from the ground up to be more responsive than a normal handset, and it's got paddles at the back that means you never have to take your thumbs from the sticks or your fingers off the triggers. All those features make this one of the best Xbox One accessories out there right now. Pro controllers can make a real difference to in-game performance, especially during multiplayer; a split-second advantage often means the difference between winning and losing. 

Here's a breakdown of the Xbox One Elite 2's biggest improvements:

  • Adjustable-tension thumbsticks
  • Shorter hair trigger locks for quicker responses
  • New trigger, bumper, and handset grips
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Three built-in custom profiles (with individual LEDs)
  • Rechargeable battery that gives up to 40 hours of play per charge
  • Detachable charging dock built into the carry case case 

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