Xbox head Phil Spencer knows what Bethesda's "unannounced" projects are and he's very excited

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has already teased an "incredibly exciting" lineup of new Bethesda games now that the company is part of the Microsoft family

Speaking to Major Nelson on a new podcast with Bethesda Games director Todd Howard and VP of Bethesda PR Pete Hines, Spencer revealed that he has "the benefit of knowing the [publisher's] future roadmap, and having some insight into the things that have been both announced and unannounced that the teams are working on".

"It's an incredibly exciting time for the work that Bethesda's studios are doing," Spencer continued, "as they continue with the craft of creating games and also thinking about how our medium of gaming continues to evolve and their role in that."

Neither Howard nor Hines were prepared to share any new details about The Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield however, which we know are being developed for the next-generation of hardware (a.k.a. the PS5 and Xbox Series X), but not much beyond that. 

Howard did reveal that Bethesda Softworks has completely overhauled its engine for its new titles, which will come as good news for those all too familiar with the now infamous "Bethesda jank" that permeates many of the studio's acclaimed RPGs. 

As always, we'll share any more next-gen news as soon it arrives, as that November madness edges ever closer into view. 

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