Xbox exec suggests bringing extra underwear for Starfield Direct and we have no idea why

Starfield Direct announcement for June 11, 2023
(Image credit: Microsoft)

An Xbox exec has offered the most bizarre teaser imaginable for the Starfield Direct.

Responding to a Starfield fan keen to see more of Bethesda's new RPG this week, Xbox vice president of marketing Aaron Greenberg recommended packing a new pair of underwear for the showcase. We honestly can't imagine a situation where we'd need a fresh pair of underwear for Xbox's showcase, but it does give rise to a few questions.

Namely: is Greenberg expecting us to actually shit ourselves at the sight of new Starfield reveals and gameplay? Or rather, will the showcase be so scary and intimidating that we'll need a new pair of underwear just to make it through the showcase? What happens if we just watch the entire thing from the toilet?

"hmm I need to know how he described last year's presentation," wonders one wise Reddit user. As it happens, Greenberg actually recommended viewers temper their expectations for Xbox's typical E3 seasonal showing in 2022, which means he's feeling a lot more confident about the showcase this week.

If you want to prepare yourself with some fresh underwear for Xbox's showcases, then we've got good news, because there's still a few days left until the big presentations debut. The big Xbox Games Showcase takes place later this week on June 11, and the Starfield Direct will premiere immediately following the presentation, meaning we're in for two back-to-back showcases.

Wait, did Greenberg mean we should pack extra underwear because of the sheer runtime? Surely not.

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Hirun Cryer

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