Xbox Achievements app gets a makeover thanks to this fan render

Xbox Series X and S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

An Xbox player has designed what an overhauled Achievements tab for Microsoft's console could look like.

Just below, you can see the original creation by u/Babu1993 on the Xbox Series X subreddit.. As you can see, the user in question has thought out what a remade Xbox Achievements layout could theoretically look like on Microsoft's consoles, and it's definitely got an impressive and sleek look to it.

Rethinking Achievements from r/XboxSeriesX

The comments underneath the original post are full of players sounding off on how impressive the redesign is, and how badly they think the Xbox family of consoles could do with a slight rework when it comes to Achievements. Although, as one user points out, the Rare Achievements tab would have to be on a constantly-changing rotation, for fear of becoming outdated pretty quickly.

Another user, commenting on the original creation, sounds off about how good the TrueAchievements app is on Xbox consoles. The user highly recommends that everyone who wants this redesign download the app, as once you're signed in and ready to go, it gives your entire Achievements section a full makeover, not entirely unlike the one you can see above.

Speaking of reworks from Xbox, the company is hard at working producing a fix for those disconnection issues that Xbox controllers are suffering from. Last week, Microsoft announced that they were actively working on a fix for an issue that caused Xbox Series X controllers in particular to frequently disconnect for no reason, so it's a relief to know that a fix is being worked on.

If you're still trying to put down an order for Microsoft's more powerful next-gen console, head over to our Xbox Series X deals guide for more.

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