X-Men: The Official Game - Hands On

We all wanted to be Nightcrawler after seeing his teleporting, flip-crazy White House assault in theX2 film. Hey, it only took three years, right? In The Official Game he can use his dizzying 'porting power endlessly, only stopping to take a breather and kick some sucka in the facebone before vanishing again. The actual combat plays pretty close to Wolverine's feral methods, but now you can zip around entire gangs, punch a dude a few times in the back of the head and 'port back to where you were or on to the next target.

Scattered around Nightcrawler's missions are glowing-blue beacons that indicate where you can teleport to at any time. Our trial was all about fighting off thenear-endlesscopies of the Multiple Man (who is actually a good guy in the comic series, so go figure)and disarming bombs - running just wouldn't cut it, so we had to constantly teleport from ground to pipe to railing, just to cut off the bomb in time. It's a little speedier than Wolvie's heavy swings, but in the end you're still mashing the attack button.

Individually, the three characters would make a so-so action title. But put together and wrapped up in a story that officially connects X2 with the third X-men film, May's X-Men: The Last Stand, they make a game that looks to beworth checking out.