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X-Men Arcade to be re-released for XBLA/PSN

It’s your friend’s birthday party at a local mini-golf course/arcade. You and five pals crowd around the gigantic X-Men Arcade machine and its huge screen, perhaps half of said screen is starting to fade, and you’re arguing over who gets to play as Wolverine or Nightcrawler (the least fortunate were stuck with Dazzler or Storm). If you remember days like those, soon you’ll be able to enjoy them again/distract yourselves from how old you are, as Marvel and Konami have gotten off their butts and are rereleasing the classic X-Men Arcade game for download on 360 and PS3 soon.

In case you never played it, X-Men Arcade was your typical early ‘90s character brawler, as you walked to the right beating on everything in your path. And since it was made to eat quarters, it was cheap to the extreme, with special moves that stole health and insanely jerky boss battles. In spite of all this, it was easily the best game that involved the X-Men until approximately 2003, and it had great character designs based on the well animated, but pretty campyPride of the X-Men cartoon.

It looks like Konami is going to keep it real by having six player online co-op, along with retaining the cheesy voice work, a must if they plan on making this work. Though I’d say there’s a 84 percent chance of this game not being as great as I remember, I’m very excited to see this happening. CanSega’s Spider-Man orData East’s Avengersbeat-'em-ups be far behind?

Oct 11, 2010

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