WWE spin-offs in the pipeline

Aug 20, 2007

At a WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 event held in London last week, THQ's vice president of product development, Keith Kirby, revealed that gamers could look forward to a lot more WWE offerings in the future, providing dedicated lovers of the wrestling with more besides the annual update of its flagship series.

Although carefully cagey about details, Kirby told GamesRadar that he had recently been in New York for a meeting, the purpose of which was to "talk about all sorts of new and exciting ways to bring the WWE brand to fans in an interactive way... Stay tuned because it's going to get really cool and really exciting." He offered that this included how gamers could "experience the main game in different ways," as well as providing "unique offerings from the WWE and THQ."

We stated the obvious and suggested he was talking about WWE spin-offs, to which Kirby replied: "I can't tell you, but that's a very good guess." So, until THQ is ready to spill its beans on the canvas, we'll take that as an unconfirmed affirmative. Let's just hope for something a bit better than WWE Crush Hour, though.

Matt Cundy
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