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WWE 2K18 adds Vince McMahon, Albert and a load of new backstage areas

The best moments in wrestling usually involve an end-of-show surprise, and publisher 2K has just pulled two out of its luminous John Cena cap. After appearing to have revealed the entire WWE 2K18 roster (opens in new tab), it's announced two more grapplers for the game: company owner Vince McMahon, and NXT trainer Albert. (Also known, at various parts of his career, as A-Train and Tensai.)

Additionally, a third reveal confirms '90s voodoo man Papa Shango is in too, although that one is a bit cheeky – he's an alter-ego of Charles 'The Godfather' Wright, who was announced for the roster weeks ago.

It's also dropped a new in-game shot of 205 Live cruiserweight Gran Metalik, as you'll likely have noticed from the top of this story. And what a screenshot it is. Let's hope he truly looks that good in-game. 

As for tangible gameplay, the previously disappointing 'WWE 2K Dev' series has finally come up trumps, with creative director Lynell Jinks revealing some of the new backstage areas in which you can headlock, bump and wham one another with chairs. They include catering, a loading bay with a WWE truck in the background, some form of scaffolding, and an expanded dressing room and general manager office. Be sure to take a look at the video for yourself:

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WWE 2K18 is released for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 17 October. For full details of every wrestler in the game, check out our roster gallery and DLC predictions (opens in new tab)

Ben Wilson
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