WTF Flash Games

But it is human nature to put off til tomorrow what could be done today. Plus, we’re experts at procrastinating here at GamesRadar. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite WTF Flash games. So put aside any plans for productivity and kill some time with the most bizarre, perverted, and fun Flash titles we’ve ever seen.

Mekuri Master
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In Mekuri Master, there are no aliens to kill, dungeons to clear, or princesses to save. There are just loads of schoolgirls whose skirts must be lifted for a perverted peak at their panty prints. Choose your favorite undergarment designs, leave your mark on the online leader board, enjoy the ridiculous soundtrack, and make sure to have another application open so that you can hit Alt-Tab in case anyone walks by your desk.

Above: Nosebleeds and hall monitors can’t stop the Mekuri Master from fulfilling his passion for lifting schoolgirl skirts

Above: Mekuri Master features the best tutorial ever. GamesRadar: One. Wooden Mannequins: Zero

Rose & Camellia
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You play a commoner who married into nobility. Unfortunately, your husband has just passed away. You’ll need to defend your honor against his snooty relatives by engaging in the elegant art of feminine conflict.

Above: Hell hath no fury like a woman slapped by her sister-in-law

Nanaca Crash
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A screaming anime stereotype smashes her bicycle into a poor guy and sends him flying. See how long you can keep him airborne by activating your special Aerial Crashes.

Above: Why waste your time with those awful launch-the-penguin games when you could be playing this?

Beach Flirting Game
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You play a seductress who can mesmerize men with deadly Godzilla-like eye beam attacks. Strike them down and make them your helpless love slaves. If you cross paths with another female NPC, she will try to battle you for control over your male minions. Don’t let those bitches steal your boys. Click quickly to overpower their inferior flirt attacks so you can power up your Love Gauge and finish the stage with the most admirers.

Nose Hairs of Fury
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Use your nose hairs to defeat the Hair Hunter martial artists. Maneuver your formidable nostril tendrils about the screen to block attacks and hold down the mouse button to charge your nose hair strikes.

Above: If you like Nose Hairs of Fury, you might want to check out the manga and anime

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A side-scrolling satire on World of Warcraft that injects a bit of Western ideology into its high fantasy setting. Find out what happens when powerful thinkers like Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Mary Daly try to figure out just “WTF?!” is up with this game.

Above: Mr Marx is polymorphing sheep into disgruntled proletarians. Put the workers of the World of Warcraft back in their rightful place

Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever
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This side-scrolling RPG lets you control one of the weakest and most hated monsters in MMO history, the Murloc. Level-up the gurgling Murloc known as Murk. Equip him with epic gear, conquer the Gurubashi Arena and solo your way through Zul ‘Gurub. Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever is full of WTF moments and should be sampled by all WoW fans.