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Orphan Feast
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Did you know that children are good eats? As Jonathan Swift wrote in A Modest Proposal, “…a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or broiled…”

In Orphan Feast, you’ll stalk the back alleys of London, searching for tasty street urchins while avoiding coppers and upright citizens.

Above: Orphans are delicious AND nutritious

Bible Fight
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Finally, we can stop arguing about who would win in a fight between Moses and Noah. Bible Fight is a sacrilegious fighter that lets you unleash the brutal powers of some of the most famous Biblical badasses.

Above: Noah summons a stampede to crush Eve

Viva Caligula
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Who wouldn’t want to play as the most sadistic emperor to rule Rome? Take charge of Caligula and unite the Roman people against yourself by going on a murderous rampage. Scream obscenities (or sweet nothings) into your microphone to increase Caligula’s Rage Meter for extra damage and points.

Above: What’s next? Viva Stalin?

Dungeons & Dungeons
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Use vibrators, whips, and feathers to torture and tease the evil Pleasurebots as you make your way through the depths of the kinkiest dungeon ever.

Above: The game’s first boss is totally tits

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) 2
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Stan can’t stand his relatives and needs to find a way to escape his family reunion. Help put him out of his misery. Urinate on bug zappers, step in bear traps, eat garbage, and do whatever it takes to kill Stan in under five minutes.