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Achievement Unlocked
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Achievement Unlocked isn’t about having fun. This metagame is a sarcastic statement against mindless achievements and the gamer whores who covet them. You’ll earn the ‘Fight Gravity’ achievement after you jump up once and the ‘Longevity’ achievement for surviving 30 seconds. See if you can unlock all the boring achievements this game has to offer. Better yet, forward this game to the next person you meet who’s a little too proud of their Gamerscore.

Virtual Knee Surgeon
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Virtual Knee Surgeon shows you everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and more) about the process of replacing a failed knee joint. The game plays like Trauma Center, but it’s ten times more educational with tons of details about safety procedures. Virtual Knee Surgeon may sound like your typical edutainment snore fest, but it’s surprisingly engrossing.

Above: Oh baby! It’s time to apply the Betadine solution! YES!

Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals
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This unofficial PETA version of Cooking Mama is supposed to give meat lovers a guilt trip by educating them on the horrible conditions that animals grown for food suffer through. But this mean Cooking Mama looks so cute with her angry eyes and blood stained hands - and tearing the organs out of a Thanksgiving turkey feels surprisingly satisfying.

Above: This game makes us want to eat veal wrapped in bacon with a side of foie gras

Jan 9, 2008

When cursing and confusion are your only reward

From perfect Pikachus to misshapen monstrosities, these fan-made Poke-freaks will blow your mind

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