Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson has a new Marvel Comics project in the works

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Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson will continue raising his profile at Marvel Comics with a brand new project to be announced in the near future.

Johnson has made a name at Marvel in recent months, bringing his experience as an active-duty soldier to bear in the Empyre: Captain America tie-in series, and flexing his horror chops in the currently in-progress Marvel Zombies: Resurrection limited series.

To that end, Johnson has revealed to Newsarama that he has a new Marvel Comics project in the works – though he can't yet say exactly what it is.

"It's not announced yet, but I'm currently working on a dream-come-true project at Marvel, which feels weird to say because that's what [Marvel Zombies: Resurrection] was," Johnson tells Newsarama. "Without knowing it, I've been training my whole life for my next Marvel project, and I hope to be writing it for a long, long time. When you see the announcement, you'll be like 'oh, of course, he meant this."

Though Johnson couldn't divulge any further specifics about the project, he does go in-depth on which Marvel characters he'd love to get his hands on – perhaps offering up some hints at what may be ahead.

"As an active-duty soldier, I'd happily write Captain America anytime, and I love Bucky just as much. And of course, everybody loves Wolverine, but I grew up on that guy, have loved every opportunity I've had to write him into scenes, and would deeply love to write him in a longer-form story," Johnson explains.

"Especially if there was a way to show him in a different time period, or even do an Old Man Logan thing in that character's world. That first Old Man Logan trade is some of my favorite Marvel stuff of all time."

And it's not just heroes Johnson has his eye on – he's got some favorite villains as well.

"I also think the Hood is one of the coolest villains Marvel has. He's like the anti-Peter Parker, the guy who's trying to do right by his people, visit his mom, make rent and all that real-life stuff, except instead of Spidey's heart of gold he has this heart of petty larceny and adultery that always pulls him back," Johnson says.

"That original Hood arc under the Max imprint, 'Blood From Stones,' was dope as hell, and I'd love to do another Hood story in that tradition. Or potentially force him into a reluctant team-up with a prominent Marvel hero. I'll stop rambling now. But I have ideas."

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