WoW goes Magic

The fine folks over at Upper Deck Entertainment (you know, the baseball card people) stopped by the other day to finally lay claim to that last little bit of life we had left outside of World of Warcraft. See, what they've done is created a standalone version of WoW in the form of a collectible card game... great, at this point it seems clear to us that Blizzard's ultimate MMO-daddy is bent on owning us completely, whether we're glued to our computers or not.

The game plays remarkably similar to Magic: The Gathering and it's fairly simple to pick up and play regardless as to how much experience you've had with other card games; although, it's a little more complicated than, say, Uno. You and some friends (real life ones this time, not pretend online ones) can get together and battle it out with each other Player-versus-Player style in one on one battles. You can play weapon, armor, spell and quest cards to defeat each other all while maintaining your main hero. A little down the road, Upper Deck is planning on releasing a Raid Deck so that you and your pals can join up to trounce larger enemies like the fabled black dragon Onyxia.