World in Conflict gets creative

Dec 4, 2007

Modders keen to let creative juices flow with Massive Entertainment's World in Conflict will be overjoyed to hear the developer's finally released a mod kit.

"The mod kit, along with the already-released map tool, WicEd, makes all aspiring modder's dreams come true," declares Massive.

"With a wide assortment of different tools, the mod kit lets gamers create just the mods they like, be it a small balancing mod with tweaks on unit stats or a full-blown total conversion mod.

"With extensive documentation [and] a strong online community… the only limit is your imagination!"

The World in Conflict core mod kit is available here and you can get the kit with an added sample map here. While you're here we'll point you in the direction of a review of the game itself.

World in Conflict is a first-person RTS that features a fictional Cold War scenario dealing with Soviet invasion on US soil.

Courtesy of CVG.