Wonder Woman 1984 post-credits scene explained

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Wonder Woman 1984 has everyone talking. Patty Jenkins has made a wonderful adventure that's earnest and hopeful, despite being released during a chaotic period in human history. We could all do with a little more Wonder Woman in our lives.

With the movie being released on streaming, you may have forgotten to hang around for the Wonder Woman 1984 post-credits scene. And this one's an absolute doozy. Make sure you've watched the sequel before reading on.

Warning: Spoilers for the Wonder Woman 1984 post-credits scene ahead

Wonder Woman 1984 spoilers ahead!

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Still here? Then you have witnessed Wonder Woman 1984 in all its glory. The final act sees Diana Prince rescind her wish, allowing her powers to return but also effectively getting rid of Steve Trevor once more. 

After defeating the transformed Cheetah, Diana takes on Maxwell Lord, who has transformed himself into the Dreamstone and is using a TV network to grant everyone around the world their wishes – but at the expense of what each person holds dearest. Luckily, Wonder Woman, with her Lasso of Truth in hand, convinces everyone to give up their wishes, destroying Maxwell's plan, and saving the world. At the very end, Diana bumps into the man whose body had been taken over by Steve Trevor's spirit, and sparks seemingly fly.

But wait – there's more. There's a Wonder Woman 1984 post-credits scene to contend with. The scene sees the return of Asteria, the original owner of the winged golden armour that Wonder Woman wears during the final third of the movie. We get glances of Asteria multiple times throughout the movie, but here, during the final moments, she reveals that she's been roaming around the world, doing superhero stuff in secret. 

The scene starts with Asteria walking down a busy street when a large telegraph-pole falls down. She catches the pole, saving a woman and her baby. The woman runs up to Asteria to thank her, and Asteria turns around to reveal that she's played by... Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman! 

Asteria hides her true abilities from the woman, saying that it was "a simple shift in weight" that allowed her superhero strength. “But I’ve been doing this for a long time,” she says, before looking directly to camera and winking.

The wink – and it really is a solid wink – nods to Carter's time playing Wonder Woman from 1975 to 1979. The actor previously said while discussing the first Wonder Woman movie that Jenkins wrote her a cameo, but she was unable to make it work. "(Jenkins) asked me to do a cameo in this. She was in England, and I was doing my concerts," Carter told USA Today. "At that time we couldn't get our timing together. So, this next time, if she writes me a decent part, I might do it."

Well, Carter certainly got an excellent part, playing an Amazon warrior who has been protecting the world all this time. Hopefully, we will see more of her in Wonder Woman 3. In the meantime, be sure to check out the best movies of 2020.

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