Woman diagnosed with Parkinson's after Wii Fit reveals poor balance

Most people who step onto a Wii Fit and realize how off-balance their stance is can easily correct it and get on with their lives. But 54-year-old Julie Wilks has a very different story.

The British mother of two bought Wii Fit but had trouble playing it - her balance leaned heavily to one side. When she started experiencing other symptoms, she recalled the game's feedback, and went to see her doctor.

Long story short, Mrs. Wilks was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

"It's quite amazing that a computer game was able to point out there was a problem," she told a local newspaper interview.

Wilks never had any serious health concerns before playing Wii Fit so had no reason to look into the possibility that she might have a serious illness. Quite a story, isn't it?

Wilks isn't taking the news sitting down, either. She's actively working on the battle to find a cure, and has set up a website called Give A Little Sunshine to raise awareness about the disease.

(Note to hypochondriacs: If you also have trouble balancing on the Wii Balance Board, you probably just have poor balance.)

[Source: Yorkshire Post Via Metro.co.uk]

Jan 13, 2011

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