Deadpool isn't the only surprising X-Men character joining the Wolverine ongoing series

Wolverine #20
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Update: More details about April's Wolverine #20, the return of his ongoing series by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Adam Kubert that launches in the aftermath of X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine and adds Deadpool to the cast, have been released by Marvel.

Wolverine #20 cover by Adam Kubert (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Wade Wilson was the king of Staten Island (sorry Pete Davidson) but now wants Krakoan citizenship - despite not being an actual mutant, which is a requirement. And when he uncovers a plot that could destroy mutantkind's safe living island haven, the unlikely duo of Deadpool and Wolverine must team up to stop the threat. But by the sounds of it, against Logan's wishes.

The publisher is also promising the return of another fan-favorite X-character to the upcoming new 'Destiny of X' era in the pages of Wolverine.

"For ten weeks, the X Lives of Wolverine/X Deaths of Wolverine will take readers on an epic, time-shredding adventure that sets up the next era of the mutant books: Destiny of X. How do you follow up something like that? You keep raising the bar higher," says Percy.

"Readers will not only experience a non-stop thrill ride, starting in April but a kickoff story that is as irreverent and hilarious as it is heart-bruised. We've been teasing Deadpool for some time now, and he's bullying his way into the pages of Wolverine for a wild (and reluctant) team-up that feels like some cousin to Midnight Run and The Fugitive. Get ready for more Maverick mayhem, more CIA spycraft, and more DANGER (yes, you read that right) at every turn."

Wolverine #20 variant cover by Tyler Kirkham (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Given "Danger" was capitalized by Marvel in its announcement, it seems like a safe bet Danger, the sentient, physical manifestation of the X-Men's long-time training room the Danger Room, is the returning character joining Wolverine and Deadpool. She was last seen in 2018's X-Men Blue series.

Check below for more details on Wolverine #20.

Original story follows...

Wolverine has found an unlikely new partner for the next chapter in the X-Men saga - Deadpool.

Marvel has announced that Deadpool will be joining Logan in the ongoing Wolverine comic book series beginning in April's Wolverine #20, as it returns from a four-month hiatus after December 22's Wolverine #19.

Wolverine #20 will feature the iconic X-Man getting some "unwelcome help from an old friend in Destiny of X!" - "old friend" meaning Deadpool, of course.

'Destiny of X' is the name of the upcoming next chapter in Marvel's X-Men line following 'Reign of X' and 'Dawn of X' before that, as the mutantkind continues to flourish in the wake of the formation of the mutant nation-state of Krakoa.

Wolverine #20 teaser (Image credit: Tyler Kirkham (Marvel Comics))

However, this team-up could include more than just Wolverine and Deadpool - hidden in this Wolverine 'Destiny of X' teaser drawn by Tyler Kirkham are the words "Krakoa" and "Staten" in the bottom right. 

Krakoa refers to the aforementioned mutant nation, and Staten refers to Staten Island - which in Marvel Comics lore was recently taken over by Deadpool in and re-named 'Deadpoolopolis'. He did some redecorating too, bringing in some monsters after he usurped the mantle of King of Monsters in the recent Deadpool ongoing series.

The text where Deadpool repeatedly asks Wolverine about joining X-Force is in regards to Wolverine being the leader of the current X-Force. Deadpool actually debuted as a villain in the build-up to X-Force in the mid '90s, and even was a member of the team in 2009 - with Wolverine, no less. Apparently Wolverine doesn't have an open door policy for former members returning.

And while some X-titles are getting new creative teams (and even new #1s), longtime Wolverine writer Benjamin Percy and artist Adam Kubert will be on April's Wolverine #20.

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