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Wolfenstein film on hold

Nov 6, 2007

The could-actually-be-decent film adaptation of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is on hold until the end of a writer's strike in Hollywood, says writer/director Roger Avary.

Speaking to SCI FI Wire, Avary, who also co-wrote Beowulf (the film where Angelina Jolie gets her CGI baps out), said that he "is almost done with the script and am proud of it, but everything as far as the production date and that kind of thing won't be decided on until after all this [is] over. And I fully support the strike."

According to Avary, the Wolfenstein film will be based on the original Commodore 64 game and will be a lot like an old World War II movie about men on a mission, "but this one will have the addition of monsters and horror and a lot of craziness all mixed together."

"We will start it when it is the right time," he said, noting that he's also done research into Nazis and paranormal mischief for the flick.

The man's also responsible for the writingfor theSilent Hill film and won an Academy Award for Pulp Fiction with Quentin Tarantino, so we're really looking forward to how Wolfenstein turns out. It could actually be one of the few decent game to film adaptations.

Courtesy of CVG