The Wolf Among Us - who do we want in Season 2?

The boy that cried (for more) wolf

Season one of The Wolf Among Us is now behind us. Did you play it? If so, youre probably left with a yearning for more, like a teenage boy thrown out of a bar after his first delicious beer. The games are based on the Fables series of comics, in which childhood fairy tale characters are wandering the dingy streets of New York. Thankfully, the lore is vast, and there are plenty more quirky characters that Telltale could pull in for a second season.

You might not want to get too attached to these characters though. Weve already had a taste of it in the first season, but the comic writers love to kill off Fables with a George RR Martin-like ruthlessness. Here are the ones I hope will be submitted to the witching well, next season.


It might seem like an innocent childhood story, but your parents didnt tell you what happened after Goldilocks escaped the Three Bears house after being discovered. She became a left wing political agitator and is adept at leading revolutions against the establishment.

These arent peaceful protests either. She loves guns, and she loves murdering Fables with them even more. In the comics she has had multiple run-ins with Bigby Wolf and Snow White. Not only that, she once had an illicit sexual relationship with Boo Bear (the youngest of the three bears). As a villain in a new season of Telltales games, I think shed be wait for it just right.

Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, and doesnt know where to find them. So instead she joined Hamelins assassins guild and got crippled by a song from the Pied Piper.

Thats my alternate version of the nursery tale. Its a lot darker and doesnt rhyme, but hey, I didnt say I was a poet. Thankfully, in the Fables fiction it doesnt end so bad. The Pied Pipers brother, Peter Piper, eventually heals her, and they end up getting married. There cant have been a dry eye in the house when the flocks of people were shepherded into the church for the wedding. Stories say the two of them grinned sheepishly at each other at the altar. Ok, Ill stop bleating on now.

Peter & Max Piper

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Peter Piper proceeded to pick Peep as a partner. Plus, Peter Pipers parents are progenitors of The Pied Piper.

Thats enough of that. Peter Piper, who also happens to be the same Peter of Peter and the Wolf fame, is brother to Max, the Pied Piper of Hamelin. However there is anything but brotherly love between them. They each own a magical flute, one called Frost, the other Fire. I hope therell be some sort of flute duel in Season 2. Maybe as a Guitar Hero style minigame? No?


Thats Lord Hansel to you, thank you very much. In the comics, Hansel is one of the most powerful and feared people around as Head of the Imperial Inquisition. He hates magic, and if you even mention the 2013 film in his presence hell demand your execution immediately.

Hed make for a great antagonistic character, but Im most looking forward to the possibility of a house made of cake. Fabletown is a bit of a dreary place isnt it? It could definitely be livened up by some candy structures.


Alright, there have been too many villainous options so far, lets get back into some good guys, or girls. You may know Cinderella as a tale of rags to riches, but in Fables, shes a secret agent for Fabletown, specialising in spying, interrogation and assassination. Think James Bond, but in a bikini.

She actually made a brief appearance, and was referenced once or twice in the first season of The Wolf Among Us, perhaps hinting at something to come. Operating out of The Glass Slipper, the shoe shop she uses as cover, shed be an excellent fit for the role of a sidekick for Bigby. Get it? Like the slipper fits her foot? Never mind...

Dorothy Gale

Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz almost acts as the antithesis to Cinderella. Theyve clashed several times over the years in violent encounters. After killing The Wicked Witch of the West to get back home, she realised that she was not only pretty good at murdering, she also kinda liked it.

Now she works as a mercenary killer, leaving her friends The Cowardly Lion and The Tin Man behind to forge out on her own. Theres no place like home, but I hope theres a place for her in the new season of the games. Hopefully she deals with Beauty and Beast, Ive really had enough of their crap.

Red Riding Hood

What a deep voice you have! What big eyes you have! What big hands you have! What a big mouth you have! What great potential for being a character in season two of The Wolf Among Us you have!

The introduction of Red Riding Hood would certainly throw a spanner in the works for Bigby Wolf. Luckily for Bigby, when she has seen him previously, she hasnt recognised him as the Big Bad Wolf, despite finding his human form strangely familiar. Weve already met Flycatcher, so maybe well meet his friend, and love interest, Ride.

Santa Claus

Good old Father Christmas. Though he lives at the North Pole, he leaves the naughty and nice list with Bigby Wolf for protection every year, after Jack Horner attempted to steal it. If the next season takes place around December, jolly Saint Nick definitely needs to make an appearance.

He doesnt just deliver presents, though. Hes one of the most powerful Fables in terms of magic. Not only can he be at every house at the same time on Christmas night, hes also a Paladin of Hope (or a Paladin of ho-ho-hope as I like to think of him).

Howl you doin?

These are just eight of the potential fairy tale characters Telltale could choose from for a new season of The Wolf Among Us. Ive undoubtedly missed some of your favourites, so why dont you let me know which ones Ive neglected in the comments? Since this is the end of the article, Ill just say: whoa ohhhh, fare ya well, never see... you no more (thats a Howlin Wolf joke. Youre welcome).

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