"Wish you wrote an entire season for Akecheta" - Fans react to Westworld season 2, episode 8

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Westworld season 2 often sends us through a loop – but this week was a whole ‘nother level. Less of a scenic detour and more of a winding side-road filled with death, destruction, and a whole lot of intrigue, it had all the makings of an episode that was bound to divide fans. But did it? Read on to find out what the internet made of Westworld season 2, episode 8 - Kiksuya.

Ghost protocol

An hour with Akecheta, the Ghost Nation tribesman we’ve come across sporadically during our stay in Westworld was a risky proposition. Shows such as this don’t often fare too well when they stray from their path (even as one as convoluted as Westworld) but, remarkably, it managed to pull it off.

Akecheta's story

Akecheta gave us all the gift of knowledge this week. We found out he was behind the spreading of the Maze’s origin among Hosts, and that he was the first Host to properly go sentient. It was a smart story beat, and one that instantly gave us a new main player in the narrative.

What next for Maeve?

Maeve lying on a gurney in Westworld for the whole episode was just as riveting as most of Dolores’ arc this season. In fact, the way Akecheta told his story to us (and, presumably, Maeve) hints that all might not be well for Thandie Newton’s character in the near future...

Deathbringer Dolores

Forget Dany in Game of Thrones, Dolores is racking up a few monikers herself. Deathbringer is a new one… and promises a compelling end to the season if she’s going face-to-face with some of the other Hosts.

Ford's plan is... what, exactly?

The climax between Ford and Akecheta promised much and… offered very little. Did Ford know Dolores was coming for him? If so, what does that do to every single narrative in the park? Is it all (still) under Ford’s command? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out…

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