Wiseman in talks to helm Die Hard 4

Call us sentimental old fools but there are a smattering of TFers who can’t wait for Die Hard 4. We know Bruce is a little over the hill but frankly, the whole point of John McClane was a reaction to the pumped-up action hero – so we're a little excited to announce that DH4 is progressing at pace.

Willis and producers Fox were waiting for the right script. Confident they now have it, they are mercilessly hunting down a helmer to make it happen.

Prime target is Underworld writer/lenser Len Wiseman, who will work from a script scribbled by Mark Bomback (Godsend) and Doug Richardson (Die Hard 2 and Hostage).

Early reports suggest that the movie follows downtrodden - and recently retired - New York cop John McClane as takes on a gang of internet terrorists.

The Die Hard movies to date have hoovered up over $740 million worldwide. The first movie, released in 1988, transformed Bruce Willis from a TV gag-slinger to an all-out action star.