Window to WoW, week two

So you're level 60. You've downed Ragnaros, put Onyxia to sleep, wiped Naxxramas, and can clear Zul'Gurub in your sleep. You're covered in epic purple gear, and the last time you wore green was to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Think you're ready to kick some Outland ass and take names after?

Think again.

Welcome to Outland, where the mobs like to give bosses like Kel'Thuzad a wedgie before stealing his milk money. But before you dive headfirst into The Burning Crusade's new content and gorge yourself on everything Outland has to offer, it's best to collect yourself and start by grabbing the first set of flight points.

Once you cross the Dark Portal into Hellfire Peninsula, we recommend you head straight for the flight master. Don't go straight down the steps to gawk at the big dragonkin, or you'll be spending your first five minutes in Outland retrieving your corpse. Alliance should head to the left for your first quest and a free ride to Honor Hold. Members of Horde should head right and hitch a ride to Thrallmar. Set your hearth to the inn at Honor Hold or Thrallmar and head west along the road.

Alliance: You'll find the Temple of Telhamat at the northwestern end of Hellfire Peninsula.
Stop there, get the flight point, and get a First Aid book so you can learn how to make netherweave bandages. Continue heading west until you reach the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh.

From there, head northwest to Telredor. The city sits in the trees above, so look for two Draenei guards and head on up the elevator. Get the flight point, and ride the elevator back down.

Horde: You have a lovely town to the south in Hellfire Peninsula called Falcon Watch, and a large town in Zangarmarsh to the far west called Zabra’jin.

You'll need those flight points for the Shattrath one to connect to Honor Hold/Thrallmar.

After getting the flight points, go back to Cenarion Expedition, and then head due south from there to Terokkar Forest. The road will dump you into Shattrath, the capital city in the Outlands.

Go to the center, get the flight point and note the portals to all the major cities in the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor. There's a ton of stuff to do in Shattrath, but for now, hop back on the birdie and fly to Honor Hold/Thrallmar.