Window to WoW Archives

If all you crave are soulless stat-centric databases, detailing coordinates and drop percentages for every monster and item in the game, look elsewhere friend. We're bringing you first-hand news, tips, and impressions straight from Azeroth's frontlines in our weekly Window to WoW.

Be sure to check this archive on a regular basis to stay in touch with our seasoned correspondents as they bring you the latest from the other side of the Dark Portal.

Week one: (opens in new tab)We boil our experience with the Burning Crusade down into 15 digestible tips

Week two: (opens in new tab)We take you on a whirlwind tour of Outland's starter zones

Week three: (opens in new tab)Save face and read up. We answer the obvious "Well, duh" questions

Week four: (opens in new tab)We help you set yoursights on seventy and maximize your experience

Week five: (opens in new tab)We say no to time sinks and reflect on The Burning Crusade 's impact on end game

Week six (opens in new tab): We walk you through The Burning Crusade 's mind boggling attunement process

Week seven: (opens in new tab)Education is your best defense against the often misunderstood KISA syndrome

Week eight: (opens in new tab)Ever wondered where to get energy drinks in WoW? We show you where to find the quirkiest quest rewards.

Week nine (opens in new tab): Look to your right and left, guys. Ifyou're playing WoW in a line, statistics show that one of those peopleis most likelya girl.

Week ten: (opens in new tab)What's going to change and whyyou should care about the upcoming 2.1.0 patch.

Week eleven: (opens in new tab)How people are finding love, lust and embarrassmentin the World of Warcraft.

Week twelve: (opens in new tab)Summer is almost here, so don't get left out in the heat without readingour summer fashion guide.

Week thirteen: (opens in new tab)Do you know how much is your game really costing you? We take a look at the complex economy of WoW.

Week fourteen: (opens in new tab)Not sure you have what it takes to get through the Black Temple? It's time to learn how to be an effective raider by following our ten easy steps.

Week fifteen:Mods - the good, the bad, and the really funny to watch.

Week sixteen: (opens in new tab)We take you through an average day of the glamorous life of your guild leader.