Wind Waker in Unreal Engine is the next best thing to Wind Waker HD on Switch

A fanmade Wind Waker Unreal Engine remake puts a modern spin on the classic Zelda title, and it may make you want to set sail all over again.

The remake was created as a personal project by Vitor Maccari, a 3D artist from Brazil who "did it for educational purposes and of course, for fun." The roughly minute-long snippet zooms in on Link sailing across the Great Sea with his good boat buddy The King of Red Lions, passing by picturesque islands as they go. At one point the video even brings in the UI from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (you can tell because it doesn't have the GameCube's humongous "A" button) to give you the full experience.

It isn't cel shaded, giving more of a vinyl-toy-like look to the characters and world along the same lines as the Link's Awakening remake for Switch, but it's a beautiful new take on Wind Waker's fantastical world all its own. Speaking of Switch, fans are still holding out hope that Nintendo will bring Wind Waker HD - which is currently exclusive to Wii U - to the company's current-gen system.

While it's looking less and less likely that Wind Waker will sail on to Switch in time for Zelda's 35th anniversary celebration this year, our Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD review praises the July release as a second chance for "one of the misunderstood games in the series."

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