Win £35,000 by owning at Call Of Duty 4

From our friends at PC Gamer UK

Have you heard? PC Gamer is having its very first proper LAN party this September: the PC Gamer Showdown. And we've got 35,000 reasons for you to be there.

That's right: there'll be £35,000 in cash to be won by the best teams playing Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike Source, World in Conflict and Call of Duty 4.

Trigger finger a little rusty? Don't fancy your chances against the best gamers in the country? Never mind - we'd love to have you there anyway for the Showdown on September 27-28, to join in the general revelry, have a game of anything you fancy on the super-fast LAN, and meet the makers of this beautiful magazine.

If you do rate your skills, it's important that you sign up to take part in the tournaments as soon as possible. If you win your pre-qualifying event, you'll get your ticket cost refunded for your whole team and guaranteed entry into the finals at the event itself.

You need to get yourself over to the PC Gamer Showdown site to book your place at PC Gamer Showdown and register your team for the tournament.

We'll see you there!