Will Arnett reteams with Will Ferrell

We all know that Will Ferrell likes sports - he’s made enough bloomin’ movies about ‘em after all. But it seems he’s discovered another thing to add to his best-things-ever list – Will Arnett.

He can’t get enough of Arnett, having just appeared in one sports movie with the Arrested Development genius – the figure-skating comedy Blades Of Glory – Ferrell is set to star in another competitive laugh-riot with his new best friend – the basketball-set movie, Semi-Pro.

Following Ferrell’s owner-coach-player Jackie Moon’s attempts to get his minor-league team into the big leagues, Semi-Pro sounds like every other sports comedy in history – but with Arnett (as a hard-drinking commentator) joining a cast that includes Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin, we have hopes higher than a White Men Can’t Jump hook shot for this one.

Semi-Pro is set for release next year.