With the full Opera browser slowly - and we mean slowly - downloading into the Wii's master-brain, there's no better time to indulge in a spot of YouTubing shenanigans. It's here gamers reveal acts of gaming prowess beyond our meager arm-flailing goofiness, and demonstrate how to milk every drop of fun from those Wii discs. Now get surfing.

Remote Flicks - Big screen Wii by hohlerman

Watch as a group of enterprising Wii fanatics create the real big screen gaming experience. That such a tiny box can spit out such gigantic sporting wonderment is science gone wrong, but we love it nonetheless.

All Fall Down - Elebits domino rally by blackoolong

Further proof of Elebits' genius - a level designer domino rally. Books topple into crates, crates into bikes, bikes into beds, beds into cars and cars into trucks, before - in a delightful sting in the tale - squashing helpless Elebits under a toppling juggernaut.