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Wii U games and console review

Wii U is out now in the US and launching in Europe on 30 November. With any new console the most important questions are always ‘is it any good?’ and ‘what are the best games?’ To help answer those questions, we thought we’d compile a directory of all our Wii U review content in one place.

Wii U console review

From the review: “If you’ve got the new tech itch, there’s definitely enough goodness on the Wii U at launch to justify a purchase. The bounty of strong releases, both exclusive and otherwise, will give you at least 4-5 games to pick up at launch, and if you’ve got people to play it with, the system has some of the better local multiplayer releases in recent memory.”

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Batman: Arkham City

From the review: “If somehow you’ve yet to play Batman: Arkham City, Armored Edition is a great way to finally appreciate the game along with a majority of its DLC. However, the Wii U port isn’t preferable to Game of the Year versions you’ll find on PS3 and 360. Armored Edition utilizes the GamePad better than some other AAA games being ported to the system, but that’s still not enough to make this the definitive release, or one you should go out of your way to play.”

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

From the review: “Black Ops II adds few Wii U specific controls and options that make use of the GamePad controller (with the exception to the split-screen co-op feature), leaving behind unnecessary motion gestures and gimmicks. It might have been useful to implement some touch-screen functionality to further streamline some menus and the custom class screens, but unfortunately, those features weren't included. As a full package, Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s superb offering of a balanced multiplayer, challenging Zombies modes, and entertaining single player campaign make it an excellent title to pick up on the Wii U.”

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Darksiders II

From the review: “Darksiders II on the Wii U port is an excellent way to experience Death's adventure. There haven't been any significant changes from the Xbox and PS3 versions. The combat is still thrilling, the dungeons are lengthy and challenging, and the loot hoarding is addictive. Even if the Wii U specific features don't particularly add to the overall experience, if you haven't played Darksiders II yet, you can't go wrong with picking up a copy for Nintendo's newest console.”

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Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

From the review: “Functionally broken AI and awful navigation tools makes Epic Mickey 2 a poor experience all around, and worth avoiding for all but the most die-hard of Disney fans, and even they might feel betrayed. The first Epic Mickey was a whimsical, flawed trek through Disney nostalgia. But whereas the original’s novelty kept it interesting enough for fans to justify overlooking the flaws, the sequel carries with it no such charm. Instead, Power of Two is both less whimsical and more flawed, disappointing anyone who had hopes that this sequel would hit all of the notes its predecessor missed.”

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From the review: “FIFA 13 on the Wii U is an exceptionally strong launch title for Nintendo’s new console. Its smart and innovative use of the controls, silky smooth gameplay, and exquisite array of real-world football make it a winner.”

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Just Dance 4

From the review: “There is no doubt that Just Dance 4 is lagging behind Dance Central 3 in terms of features, modes, and even just accurately sensing your moves. But sometimes that added depth can be a pretty big barrier for entry, especially in such a physically demanding game genre. Just Dance 4 may not have all of the right moves, but bust it out at a party and everyone is sure to be on their feet.”

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