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Wii Sports Easter Eggs

  • Wii | Submitted by thesmiley

    Bowling Antics


    In bowling... roll the ball backwards - just let go of the trigger while your Mii's arm is still swinging backwards. The MII behind you will jump up and spin around!

  • Wii | Submitted by Mat2007

    Wrong Bowling Alley


    Go all the way over to the left hand side and turn so you face the other lane, throw the ball when it is at your chest so it can jump, if you time it you can hit the ball in the other persons lane!

  • Wii | Submitted by Cheermax

    Different Tennis Court

    You can change the tennis court to a blue practice court by holding "2" at the warning screen after you select characters.

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Change Bowling Ball Color

    Hold down the control pad as the screen is fading to black when you start bowling to change the color of the ball.

    Up - Blue Ball
    Right - Gold Ball
    Down - Green Ball
    Left - Red Ball

Wii Sports Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Silver Tennis Racket

    Get Pro Status in Tennis to unlock the Silver Tennis Racket.

  • Wii | Submitted by Roxter

    Unlock Silver Boxing Gloves

    Beat the Champion, Matt, and press and hold 1 when the screen is black before a match to use the Silver Boxing Gloves.

  • Wii | Submitted by Spuckter

    Pro Tennis or Boxing

    Get to pro status (1000 points) in Tennis or Boxing, and you'll get a bigger audience with all the Mii's you've created in it!

  • Wii | Submitted by Cheermax

    Unlock Diamond Bowling Ball

    Get to pro level to unlock a new bowling ball with diamond designs.

Wii Sports Hints

  • Wii | Submitted by teegolfman

    Hidden Island


    In golf on a beginner 3-hole game or a 9-hole game on hole 3 on the map you will notice a little fairway to your left. Aim your Mii toward it and hit the golf ball between the 3rd and 4th notch. This is a risky decision, but this is how I get Eagles and Birdies!

  • Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

    Topographical Green - Golf

    Push the "1" button to get a color coded elevation map of the green when putting.

  • Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

    Always a Strike

    Power Throwing Training

    In Power Throwing Bowling Training there are to barriers on the left and right. If you throw the ball on top of one and it rolls all the way down the lane without falling off you'll get an automatic strike. This is useful when you start getting 50+ pins.

  • Wii | Submitted by Grwar

    Golf with no Map or Meter

    You can disable the map, power meter, and wind speed arrow by pressing and holding 2 while you make your course selection.

  • Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

    Scoring in Tennis

    First score = 15
    Second score = 30
    Third score = 40
    If both teams have 40 = Deuce
    Fourth score = Game
    Fourth score (After Deuce) = Advantage In/Out
    Fifth score(After In/Out) = Game

  • Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

    Scoring in Golf

    Hole-in-One(Any Par): Score in one stroke... - Par
    Eagle(Par 4):Score in two strokes... -3
    Birdie(Par 3):Score in two strokes... -2
    Birdie(Par 4):Score in three strokes... -1
    Par(Par 3):Score in three strokes... +/- 0
    Par(Par 4):Score in four strokes... +/- 0
    Albatross(Par 5):Score in two strokes -4

    The lower the score the better!

  • Wii | Submitted by JIM33333

    Underhand Pitching

    In Wii Baseball, you can pitch underhand. When you're pitching, press 2 before you hit, and your character will pitch underhanded. If you want to switch back, just press 1.