Wii have new Hawk screens

Hot on the back wheels oftoday's DS shots, here's a few new screens from Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam for Wii. You may be relieved to know that none of them feature pictures of hip, smiling people waving Wii controllers.

The visuals are more in line with the traditional Tony games, unlike the cel-shaded DS installments. What's not so traditional, of course, is the control - you'll be wielding the Wii remote to guide your skater, as with Excite Truck, by holding it sideways in both hands. Jolting it away from you will let rip with a blast of boost to help you speed ahead of the pack in the stunt-heavy racecourses that make up Downhill Jam. Check out more in ourhands-on report.

As well as a variety of giant ramps and half-pipes cropping up throughout the game, levels will be dotted with pedestrians and traffic flows to be dodged, while destructible portions of the scenery will hide shortcuts.

It's not all about breakneck, straightforward racing - a slalom mode will be featured, as well as trick attack and two other split-screen multiplayer modes. A variety of skateboards are up for grabs, too, from longboards to old-school fishtails and '70s editions.

Downhill Jam on Wii should definitely be what dedicated Hawk fans keep their eyes on, at least until Project 8 pulls into full view on other consoles this fall.

June 14, 2006