Why the hell did you license that?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? | PC/PS2 | Eidos | 2003

Okay, so the show was huge, but the game was always going to be a complete waste of time for one very simple reason. It could recreate the looks, sounds and host of the show, but what it could not recreate was one million pounds of cold hard sterling. No-one watched WWTBAM for a never-ending thrill ride of excitement,stimulation and deep emotional enrichment. They watched it to laugh at some pleb losing a million for not knowing the capital of Burundi and they watched it to dream of how easy it would be to win the cash themselves.

With the game they got the exact same unfulfilling aspirational value that watching the show gave them, only they actually ended up forty quid lighter of wallet, while the publishers became millionaires several times over for giving them naught but a bunch of questions to answer. Over and over and over again.