Which embarrassing E3 gaffe are you? Take our quiz

E3 is a bit like a big wrestling pay-per-view event. You're ostensibly there for the action and surprises, but also mainly for the gaffes. Mercifully though, much like pro-wrestlers, video game execs are a hardy, well-trained bunch, with an incredulous ability to bounce back from any unplanned bump.

That doesn't mean that we don't remember, though. Just as much as excitement and games, E3 is now synonymous with fluffed presentations and misfiring production decisions. Slip-ups that, if we were to invent a complex metaphor, we could probably turn into a profound allegory for human experience. So, that point neatly justified, let's crack on with our big pre-E3 quiz. If you were going to be an embarrassing E3 gaffe, which gaffe would you be?