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Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics, July 17 - 21

(Image credit: Bungie)

Where is Xur? This week, Destiny 2 is back in the Tower, specifically in the back left of the hangar up some scaffolding.  Xur will stick around until reset time on Tuesday, July 21.

Here are all the Exotics that Xur is selling. If you have the spare Legendary Shards, it's worth picking up high-stat versions of most Exotics, if only to bet on them getting buffed in the future. And even if you already own an Exotic that Xur is selling, you may find a version with more or better stats. And as always, be sure to buy Xur's Exotic engram on the right character. If you're missing some Exotics, it will decrypt into a new one, but if you have all Exotics, you'll get a random roll on one you already have. 

  • Exotic weapon - Skyburner's Oath: fires explosive, seeking slugs when hip-firing. Fires shots capable of piercing Cabal shields when aiming down sights. Skyburner's Oath is a strange weapon to use, but it's not particularly useful or powerful. Scout rifles aren't all that great in the current PvE sandbox, and its Exotic effects are often irrelevant.
  • Hunter Exotic - Lucky Raspberry: increases the chaining abilities of arc bolt grenades, and adds a chance to recharge your grenade on each chain. A full chain will always recharge your grenade. This is probably the best Exotic is selling this weekend, but that says more about this stinker of a weekend rather than Lucky Raspberry. If you really, really like arc bolt grenades, you'll enjoy this Exotic. It's the Shinobu's Vow of arc bolt grenades, so if that's you, go nuts.
  • Titan Exotic - Peacekeepers: reloads stowed SMGs and lets you ready them instantly. Also improves handling and movement speed while wielding an SMG. This is one of those Exotics that was designed with the Destiny 2 Year 1 double-primary sandbox in mind, and as a result, has aged like milk. Nobody should use this Exotic in any situation. 
  • Warlock Exotic - Vesper of Radius: placing a Rift releases an arc shockwave. Your Rift recharges faster when enemies are nearby. Warlocks generally place rifts away from enemies, either to heal up behind a corner or to set a DPS pool before a boss, so Vesper of Radius feels counterintuitive. It requires a forced, dangerous, and ineffective play style, so it's a total pass as well. 

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