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When cinemagoers attack

A man was shot in a Philadelphia cinema on Friday during a screening of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. At issue? Talking.

James Joseph Cialella Jr was sitting in the audience when he asked members of a family sitting nearby to stop talking. That didn’t seem to work, so he started chucking popcorn at the son.

When things began to heat up between Cialella and the family, he confronted them – and shot the father with a .380 gun.

Sat calmly

And here’s where is gets weird – with the gun still smoking and fellow cinemagoers scrambling for cover, Cialella sat back down calmly and kept watching the film until the fuzz turned up and arrested him.

He was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and weapons violations and had his gun confiscated. Big shock, that.

While we wish the shooting victim a speedy recovery, we can’t help but think that it was only a matter of time until things took the next step. If you want to avoid some cinematic argy bargy, check out our Chris’s guide to avoiding aggro.

[Source: Philadelphia Inquirer ]