What's your favorite launch title ever?

It's a whole new generation of gaming and you couldn't be more excited about the power of your new hardware--and there's just one game that epitomizes it for you. This game will forever remind you of the all-night binges, the hype leading up to the release, and the obscene amounts of caffeinated drinks you needed because you couldn't stop playing. We all have different answers, so now we ask you...

What's you favorite launch title ever?

For me it would have to be Halo: Combat Evolved. I was able to purchase the game before the console even came out. My friend and I went to a local Target, bribed the guy behind the counter to open up the Xbox demo kiosk so we could play our copy of Halo. We stood there for hours as people crowded around trying to get a glimpse of next-gen and cheering us on.

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Greg Henninger
Community Manager for Gamesradar