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What would you build if you had this LEGO Wii-mote?

After last month's rather awesome Doctor Who Wii-mote in the shape of a Sonic Screwdriver, LEGO has created a Wii-mote you can build a castle on. Or anything else, in fact. So, just for a second, try to forget that a) it's for kids and b) it's bright red, yellow, blue and green. What would you turn it into?

The unit features all the regular buttons you'd expect to find on a Wii-mote, then adds in some of those raised circles so you can customise it with LEGO bricks. The ones included look pretty useless, but imagine if you combined it with LEGO Technic. How cool would it be (if you were a kid) to fashion a genuinely awesome weapon out if it? You'd be the envy of all your (kid) friends. The device is out this week in the states for $40.

So, just forget that it's a child's toy for the moment, and tell us: If you could get away with playing with LEGO, what would you turn it into? A Lancer? A Master Sword? Or maybe even Samus Aran's arm cannon? There's some pretty amazing LEGO stuff out there...

Let us know what you'd make in the comments, and we won't tell anyone you did.

13 Oct, 2010

Source: UberGizmo

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