What the hell is WarDevil, anyway?

It's been over two years sinceWarDevil showed itself. But our grasp of WarDevil 's particulars is currently limited to the knowledge that it's a PS3-exclusive, and it looks a little like that futuro-war music video from Linkin Park.

Publisher Ignition has spuffed outa trio of new screens, which is nice of them, but gameplay details are still conspicuous by their absence. So we've set our analytical sights on this screenshot update, and attempted to figure out just what sort of game WarDevil really is.

1 - It's a shooter
A bit of a no brainer, this, but a man pointing a gun always screams "gunplay elements." Given this weapon's futuristic design, we're also betting on an arsenal of lasers and other blasty-things.

2 - You'll fight these monster things
Pretty evident from the trailer, too, but these guys are obviously the evil doers of the piece. Their haggard skull faces, armored suits and the whole flesh-meets-machine theme also suggests that these perhaps aren't alien invaders, but the results of dastardly experiments.

3 - AI will boast "squad dynamics"
An important bullet point in every press release, the appearance of a second enemy and its searching gaze guarantees that WarDevil will include "next-gen AI" who'll use "dynamic squad routines" to "counter your every move."

4 - It's set in a fantasy future world
This guy's garb - note the body chain and figure-hugging corset thing - says we'll be blasting through a futuristic, but fantasy-laced world. We wouldn't be surprised if it isn't set on Earth, and that this dude isn't a human, but a Garbalgion or some other race in a distant universe.

5 - The soundtrack will be all metal
A lead character with long grey hair, a furrowed brow, and a passion for black and red wardrobe options... WarDevil is going to be pumping out clashing guitars, ear-pounding drum beats and shrieky, unintelligible vocals.

6 - You play the "chosen one"
This mural gives a little more color to the world, and makes us think that WarDevil 's action will be driven by a plot based on an ancient prophecy. You'll be the "chosen one," prophesized to save the world from the evil menace, and might even pick up special or paranormal powers along the way.

Well, that's what we think, anyway.What say you?

April 23, 2007

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