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What the hell is this Bayonetta statue supposed to be doing?

Bayonetta has a miniscule head. Shoot, it%26rsquo;s downright infinitesimal. There, we said it. Don%26rsquo;t believe it? Well, my friend, I present you with Exhibit A: this garage statue.

Found on Japanese site2chan, this 1/6 scale statue made by Jigoku No Inu fromCerberus Projectsports a pose that can only be used for comedy, so let%26rsquo;s play the speculation game.

Our theory: she%26rsquo;s tying to audition for a remake of Dr. Strangelove.

Above: Take out those guns, add a Stetson, aaaannndd%26hellip;

Above: %26hellip;she might just learn to love the atomic bomb

You may now try, in vain, to prove us wrong%26hellip;

Jul 20, 2010