What do you think of our new look?

Monday 2 April 2007
In the coming months GamesRadar will be undergoing a number of significant changes - most notably the way it looks and the way you find your way around the site. The changes we've made so far (which are still in a development phase) are very exciting and will start to appear later in the year, but the first stage is our new naviagation bar across the top of the page.

Previously, this was in a beta test phase - but now it's ready for a proper public going over andwe'd like to invite everyone to take part. Click here and you'll be able to freely preveiw the newnavigation and have a poke around. And hopefully not break anything.

We'd be extremely grateful for any constructive feedback you have. That's what Beta testing is for. You can either email ithereor post it on the forum in this specially created thread. There's even a poll in there too foryou to click on.Basically,we want to make sure all our readers and forum users have a say in the way GamesRadar goes forward.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I hate the 267.