Wesley Crusher Was In JJ Abramss Star Trek

Well, who would have guessed it? The guy who played the character everybody hated in Star Trek The Next Generation, but now who everybody loves because of his blogtastic web presence and his willingness to poke fun at himself (such as in his recent appearance in The Big Bang Theory, pictured above), has revealed that he did act in JJ Abrams’s reboot of Star Trek.

In a posting yesterday on his website, WWdN, he tells how Abrams long-time buddy Greg (Heroes) Grunberg gave him the tip off that Abrams was looking for voice actors for the film.

“About 24 hours later, JJ Abrams called me. It was an entertaining conversation; I couldn't believe he wanted me to do work on his film, and he couldn't believe that I wanted to do it. He asked me if I'd be interested in playing some Romulans, and I think I held my hand over the phone so he couldn't hear me squeal in delight before I calmly told him that, yes, I thought I could do that. I don't recall precisely why, but we agreed that it would be extra cool to keep it a secret until the heat death of the universe, an uncredited bit of awesome that only a handful of people in the world would know about ... unless we told them.”

Seems that the DVD release of the film has scuppered this plan, though: “In fact, as far as I know, only a dozen people in the world knew about this until some meddling kids and their dog at Viacom found out about it this summer, and said we had to give me credit and stuff.)”

There’s loads more info about Wheaton’s role(s) in the movie in the very entertaining posting, so go check it out.

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