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We're live-streaming Lost Planet 2!

Wanna take a look at the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer a full two months before the game ships, and three weeks before the demo even arrives on 360 and PS3? Then good news, you extremely specific person, cuz we're live-streaming several matches of said game today at 4pm PST.

The embedded player will magically click on when we start broadcasting. Until then you can browse past live streams or just check back with us at 4pm PST. Hop into theU Stream pageand you'll be able to chat, ask us questions and interact with other viewers. It's even more fun than it sounds!*

Update: Live streaming is now over. We broadcast from 4-5pm PST, but the recorded video is still available either in the U Stream playlist above or on the actual pagehere.

*Probably just as fun as it sounds. Maybe even less.