Wednesday Link-A-Mania

New Tron Legacy Pic
Walt Disney Pictures has released this new photo of Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy. Don’t get too excited. Unless you’re in the Jeff Bridges Oestrogen Brigade. If there is one.

Repo Site
Universal has launched a new viral marketing site for The Union, the company in action-thriller Repo Men. The Union provides people with organ replacements, and then bloodily retrieves them if you fail to make your payments. Check out the site at . Five new posters for the film can be seen here or by clicking on the poster below.

CW Orders Fantasy Pilot
The CW, the network home of Supernatural and Smallville, has given the greenlight to a pilot for a possible new fantasy series. Based on the novel of the same name, Betwixt concerns urban "changelings" who are responsible for saving humans from evil. Feature writer Elizabeth Chandler (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) has written the script and is executive producing with Paul Stupin (Make It or Break It), according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Batman And Robin Worst Movie Ever
Well, it's hard to argue with that. In fact, Empire’s 50 Worst Movies Of All Time is chock-a-block with SF and fantasy movies, which should be a sad thing for us, but really we find it hard to argue with a lot of the choices (though 46 seems a bit low for Howard The Duck).

1) Batman and Robin
2) Battlefield Earth
3) The Love Guru
4) Raise the Titanic
5) Epic Movie
6) Heaven's Gate
7) Sex Lives of Potato Men
8) The Happening
9) Highlander II: The Quickening
10) The Room

Oscar Boost For Avatar
As if it needed one. According to Avatar has seen a 45% ncrease in ticket sales on US online ticket seller Fandango following the Oscar nominations.

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