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Wednesday Link-a-Mania

You Have A Sister!
No, we’re not talking Luke Skywalker but Donnie Darko. Yep, little Samantha is all grown up, on a road trip with her boyfriend and dodging meteorites. Bloody Disgusting has the scoop on the straight-to-DVD sequel, S. Darko, including the first pic and a synopsis. It’s hitting US shelves in April. And guess what? Samantha is now having bizarre hallucinatory dreams warning her of the universe's imminent end. Daveigh Chase, Samantha in the original film, reprises her role (having found fame in The Ring since) but not much else about the project suggests anything other than a cheap knock-off and unimaginative rehash. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Young Santa
The early life of Santa Claus will be explored in a proposed trilogy of CG ’toon movies from Lumenas Animation Studios, according to Variety . The Legend of Santa Claus, to be directed by Colin Brady (an animation supervisor on TMNT and Lemony Snickets), is due out November 2010, with two sequels planned for 2012 and 2014. It introduces greedy elves, vain snow fairies and other fantastical creatures into the 18th century tale of young Nicholas.

Moon Revamp
Paramount has brought in Black Hawk Down scripter Ken Nolan to revamp a script for a Jake Gyllenhaal-starring movie about about the colonisation of the moon, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The original script was written by the film’s producer/director Doug (Jumper) Liman and John Hamburg, and has already gone through two rewrites, one, coincidentally by Mark Bowden – who wrote the book that Black Hawk Down was based on.