Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Supernatural Jumps The Shark
No, that’s not a subjective opinion – it’s a fact. According to the Ask Ausiello column in Entertainment Weekly, an upcoming episode called "Jump The Shark" will see a third Winchester Brother arrive on the scene. Make of that what you will... The same column also reveals that Jon (Lionel Luthor) Glover will be appearing in Heroes as Sylar’s dad later this season.

Paramount’s Got Daemons
Paramount is to produce a big screen version of Deamon, a techno-thriller by Daniel Suarez, which began as a self-published novel. It gained such a reputation it was picked up by Penguin for a mainstream release in the US this month. According to The Hollywood Reporter the story concerns a computer program with its own intelligence that threatens humanity.

Avengers Hath No Fury
Samuel L Jackson may not play Nick Fury in the Avengers movie, despite playing a post-credits cameo appearance as the eye-patched boss of SHIELD in the Iron Man movie, reports The LA Times . Seems that negotiations have stumbled over – guess what? – his fee.

A Knight’s Tale and Odyssey 5 Creators Combine
In an article about pilots which may get the green light, The Hollywood Reporter isn’t giving away too many details beyond the names of the shows. Or in one case, nor even that: it mentions a Manny Coto/Brian Helgeland venture. Coto was the creator the much-loved, but not much-watched one season wonder Odyssey 5, as well as the man who managed to oversee an upswing in quality on Enterprise (sadly, too little, too late). Helgeland directed A Knights Tale. A little bit of further research reveals that they have worked together on a film script called The Ticking Man, about a nuclear-armed robot which suffers a malfunction and heads for Moscow to star World War III. Could they have adapted this? Possibly not, (it seems a bit of a limited premise for a TV show) but it seems likely that whatever it is they’re working on, it’ll be SFX-flavoured.

Among the other pilots mentioned which cold be of interest are The Witches of Eastwick, The Return (an alien invasion show from Star Trek and Medium’s Rene Echevarria and Eli Stone’s Greg Berlanti) and Kevin (Scream) Williamson’s Vampire Diaries (oh dear God, not more vampires.

The other possible telefantasy shows in the list are Reincarnationist (though that could be a make-over show) and No Heroics (er, has the US bought the rights to that ITV show?).

Oh, and not SF, but just in case you’re interested – a remake of Hawaii 5.0 seems to be on the cards a well.

Finding Nemo
Director McG would like Will Smith to star as Captain Nemo in his upcoming Disney remake of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, he tells Latino Review .

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