Wednesday 19 December TV Highlights


LIVING Charmed “Soul Survivor”

SCI FI The Lost World “True Spirit”

SKY TWO Futurama “Luck of the Fryish”

SKY THREE Relic Hunter “Fertile Ground”


SKY TWO Futurama “The Cyber House Rules”


SKY ONE Futurama “Bendin’ in the Wind”

SCI FI Profiler “The Root of All Evil”


BBC3 Doctor Who “Blink”

LIVING The X-Files “Unruhe”

SCI FI Mysterious Ways “Intentions”

SKY TWO Stargate SG-1 “Last Stand”


ZONE HORROR The Twilight Zone – no episode details


ITV4 Jericho “Vox Populi” – which, oddly, isn’t Latin for tedious pile of dingo’s kidneys

SCI FI The Dead Zone “Vortex”

SKY TWO Stargate SG-1 “The Warrior”

TROUBLE Charmed “The Seven Year Witch” – you know, the show had to end when they ran out of puns for the episode titles

VIRGIN 1 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Past Tense” – great little episode.


DAVE Red Dwarf VII “Duct Soup” – don’t worry, there can’t be many more episodes of season seven left…

TROUBLE Kyle XY “Free to be You and Me”


BBC4 The Treasure of Abbott Thomas – spooky MR James adaptation


BBC4 Charlie Brooker’s ScreenWipe: New Year Special – a look back at the TV highlights and lowlights of 2007 (so you can bet he mentions Doctor Who, and we reckon he might even single out “Blink”).


BBC2 The Martians and Us “Trouble in Paradise (Dystopia)” – great documentary series about the history of British SF.


DAVE Red Dwarf “Duct Soup”


LIVING Charmed “My Three Witches”


LIVING Total Recall 2070


SKY ONE Mutant X “Where Evil Dwells”

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