Wednesday 12 December Link-a-Mania

Henchman and car for Bond 22
007 fan site reports that Swiss actor Anatole Taubmann has been cast as a henchman in Bond 22. Apparently the actor revealed the casting on a Swiss TV show, saying, “‘James Bond - that’s like playing the Champions League. For a European actor, this is like a gold ticket. There’s nothing better. I’m very happy." Taubmann has appeared in Taken, Aeon Flux and band of Brothers. reckons that his role is a fairly major one.
The same site has also a posted a press release from Aston Martin announcing that 007 will once again be behind the wheel of one of their cars – the DBS – in the next Bond movie.

End of the Journeyman
Struggling US TV show Journeyman has effectively been axed, according to Hollywood Reporter . The site reports that NBC had until Tuesday to give a full-season pickup to the time-travel drama but let that option lapse. The show slipped to its lowest ratings (5.26 million) this past Monday without the benefit of Heroes as a lead-in. There are two episodes left to air.

Potter Star Enters the Twilight Zone
Robert Pattinson, who played doomed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, is set to star in a new teen-targeted vampire flick, Twilight, reports Hollywood Reporter . Pattinson will play Edward a teenager who leads a double life as a vampire who falls for a nonvampire high school classmate Bella (Kristen Stewart). Cue some serious necking. Catherine Hardwicke ("Thirteen") directs.

Will Produces a Monster
Will Smith is producing a new horror film called Monster Hunter, according to . It’s a about a child psychologist who can see the monsters which live under kids’ beds and in their closets. Sounds like the flipside to Monsters, Inc.

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