Wednesday Link-A-Mania

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Home Movies
Tom McCarthy, most famous as writer/director of The Station Agent , is to script a fantasy comedy for Dreamworks about a man who can make changes to his past through the use of old home movies, called (surprise) Home Movies . According to The Hollywood Reporter , he is only currently attached to write, not direct, although no director has yet been announced.

King Kong-Toon
20th Century Fox is developing an animated version of the 1933 classic King Kong , reports Deadline : “Fox Animation has set the team of Christian Magalhaes & Bob Snow to write a modern day twist on the King Kong story. It will be animated, and will tell the story from the vantage point of the ape. It is based on a story by Mike Weber, who'll also produce.”

True Blood Vampires Strike Back
We keep hearing about how True Blood ’s new season is “The Season Of The Witch” but don’t worry about the vampires being put on the backburner. Here’s HBO’s new promo images of the vampire united, including Nan Flanagain, who, after Russell Edgington’s live TV antics at the end of last season (ripping the spine out of a news anchor and declaring war on humanity) has a hell of a job trying to turn around the bloodsuckers’ public image.

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