Wednesday Link-A-Mania

The Walking Dead ; Clockwork Girl ; Trek 2: The Hobbit ; Jack The Giant Killer ; RoboCop : Pirates Of The Caribbean

Clockwork Girl
Luximation Films producers Deboragh Gabler and Sean O'Reilly have announced the production of The Clockwork Girl , the first of a string of animated films based on graphic novels published by Arcana Studios. The Clockwork Girl is a coming of age story of Tesla, a robot girl, and Huxley, a monster boy, who embark on a journey to save their world from destruction. Voice artists include Alexa Vega ( Spy Kids ) as Tesla, Jesse McCartney as Huxley, Carrie-Anne Moss ( The Matrix ) as Admiral Wells, Brad Garrett ( Everybody Loves Raymond ) as T-Bolt and Jeffrey Tambor ( Arrested Development ) as Wilhelm. There’s a sneak peek at the film below: