Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Star Wars in IMAX, an ageing Harry Potter, Gremlins reboot - and has the Jurassic World raptor been revealed?

JJ Abrams has teased a glimpse of some IMAX filming for Star Wars Episode VII . This image of an IMAX camera looking into a sandy dune in Abu Dhabi (presumably doubling for Tatooine) shows that at least some of the film will be shot in the oversized format.

An image has escaped onto the Internet that purportedly shows a muzzled raptor from Jurassic World . No word yet on whether the image is official since the Instagram account took it down, but could this be our first look at the new dinos?

Harry Potter , the boy who lived, lives on in JK Rowling’s new short story released on the post-Potter site, Pottermore . Written in The Daily Prophet gossip column, Rita Skeeter takes a look at Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione as they attend the Quidditch World Cup as middle-aged adults.

The first poster for Kevin Smith’s upcoming horror Tusk has been unveiled. While there’s no word on a release date, Smith promises to debut the first trailer during his Hall H panel at Comic-Con on 26 July.

The predictably ridiculous trailer for Sharknado 2: The Second One has swum in. “They’re sharks, they’re scary and nobody wants to get eaten” – you said it, Fin.

Chris Columbus has joined the Gremlins reboot. The writer of the original Gremlins has signed on as a producer alongside Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg who’re also pegged as producers.

Sony’s Powers TV series has brought Hannibal director, David Slade on board to direct the opening two episodes of the show.

A new director has been found for a live action Death Note movie. Good Will Hunting's Gus Van Sant is now attached, replacing Iron Man 3 ’s Shane Black. This will be the first western adaptation of the Manga that follows a teen who uses a note pad to kill criminals.

Corey Richards

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