Weaver says no more Aliens or Ghostbusters!

Sigourney Weaver decided to ruin all of our weekends on Friday, when she told Entertainment Weekly that she wouldn’t be involved with either of the rumoured best-sequels-ever we’ve been waiting for, for so long.

It seems that Ridley Scott or no Ridley Scott (the man most pundits are pinning the resurrection of the Alien franchise on), Weaver won’t be coming back for more facehugger smooching.

"I love the character, but I think the monster, once they did the other film (Alien vs Predator), which I never saw, but that really maxes our monster out," she said.

But Sigourney! You never saw it! It might be brilliant !

All right, so it is rubbish, but still – that’s no way to end things (and neither’s Alien vs Predator 2, for that matter).

How about Ghostbusters, then? Dan Aykroyd’s talking about making a completely CGI threequel. That sounds good, doesn’t it? And all you have to do is stand in front of a mic for a bit...

"I think all of us are busy doing so many things and it's wonderful all the films are so well loved and they certainly were fun to do. But I think if you do it right the first time, sometimes it's better to move on to something else."

Yeah, like Working Girl 2 maybe? Oh, go on...

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